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Here are a few links to the pages of friends and other people who we think the world should know more about:
Ian  V. Melrose

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The Homepage of the Celtic-Fingerstyle-Guitarist.

A must- see for everybody interested in acoustic guitar playing.

Be Mine Or Run

Be Mine Or Run

One or two names on that site should ring a bell.
Hot Nachos


hot, hot, hot !!!

Kerstin Blodig

Rythmic Ballads From Both Sides Of The North Sea

( You know the bassplayer :-))


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The Lady of R&B and Bluesrock

( again - you'll know the bassplayer :-)))

  Ansgar Daelken

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The Cologne - based guitarist not only produces fine records, he is also a professional Web-designer.
Jamestown Ferry

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Maik und Doreen - what would the Berlin scene do without them?

The Homepage of the Duo.

Bluebird Café Berlin

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Here you can listen to the finest acoustic music in town. The motto is : PSSSST  (Shut up and listen!)
Bluebird Shop Bluebird__Shop_Logo_ohne_Rand.jpg (9093 Byte) Acoustic treasures can be found in this extraordinary Online-Shop!
Bob Klein

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Who is Bob?

Find out!

Ordnung & Hartmann Records

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Splendid artists on this label ! :-)
Regina Sablotny - Photographer Sablotny_logo.gif (3386 Byte) Don't you think our pictures are marvellous !!??

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We're not beeing sponsored. We're simply enthusiastic about the instruments of this company!
Chris Whitley

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The man with the built-in bassdrum in his foot.
Kate Wolf

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Kate Wolf died in 1986. Her family maintaines this Website to keep her and her beautiful songs alive in our memory.
Dallas Wayne

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Greg Brown

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One of Ginas favorites
Joni Mitchell

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Without her and her music everything would have developed differently.
Michael Manring

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If god was a bass-player...
Gillian Welch

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We suppose you already know her, but...



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